English for kids from 4 years old

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How it works?

How it works?

Lessons take place in the interactive classroom and are based on our specially developed syllabus, combining Cambridge communicative approach and Total physical response method (TPR). We don’t make children study. We make them fall in love with English.

Why Allright?

  • Super teachers for kids

    All teachers are examined not only by the methodologists, but by the children as well! On average, only 4 out of 100 teachers are accepted. All teachers have vast experience of working with children and possess professional teaching certificates and/or degree in pedagogy.

  • Interesting classes

    Each class is developed according to the child’s level, interests and character. We don't make kids study. We make them fall in love with English.

  • Convenient schedule

    Define your schedule and choose a teacher. The school works 24/7, so you can have classes at any time.

  • Speaker’s method

    Speaker’s method combines Cambridge communicative method and total physical response (TPR). We develop both language skills and creativity.

    Syllabus description

Why do children love AllRight?

  • Playing at the lessons

    Learning English online is fun! We play with LEGO, talk about Minecraft and read Harry Potter.

  • Falling in love with English

    At our classes we discuss topics, interesting for kids focusing on child’s hobbies. This helps to keep the student engaged and motivated.

  • Meeting new friends from the USA and Great Britain

    Every Sunday there are Speaking Club classes where schoolchildren from America and Britain help our students to practice the language naturally.

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Advantages of online studies

  • Saving time
    Saving time

    No need to spend time on the way to school. While others are still stuck in a traffic jam, you are already studying. Learning English online helps kids to be more effective and less tired.

  • Communicating to native speakers

    No need to go abroad. Study English with the best teachers from the USA and Great Britain without leaving home.

    Communicating to native speakers
  • One-on-one classes
    One-on-one classes

    The teacher dedicates 100% of time and attention to the student.

  • Interactivity

    We create LEGO masterpieces, play Minecraft and even make comics - and all of these during our classes!


Reviews from our students

  • Irina, son Ian

    Maia is really cool and studying with her is great. She found her way to Ian and this is wonderful.

  • Vasiliy

    What a great teacher! My son is happy with the studies, learning lots of new words and expressions after each class! Ian always gives homework, focusing on the tricky moments they met during the class.

  • Maxim

    The child is looking forward to the next class! We really like the format of the classes and teacher's approach! Thank you!

  • Anna, son Robert

    We have 30-min classes 3 times a week with a native speaker via Skype. Nicki is really bright and active, she often changes the activities during classes.

  • Katerina, son Iliya

    What's important is that we don't have to go anywhere to have classes with a native speaker. The lessons are entertaining, Iliya likes them a lot. They always have common topics to discuss with the teacher.

  • Ekaterina, daughter Olga, 8 y.o., Moscow

    I see that her lively emotions do not let her be shy) My girl has opened up and it looks like there is no language barrier at all))) Well, both Jovana and Lelya are really emotional) They are on the same page.

  • Daria

    I admired the teacher's great pronunciation from the start. Then my daughter was a bit shy and spoke quietly during the first 10 minutes of the lesson. But by the middle of the lesson Ekaterina made her excited. My daughter was happy with the lesson and said she shouldn't have been shy at all.

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    Weekly visiting Speaking Club
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    Do you want to get a free trial lesson?

    Use the contact form below and we will get in touch with you!

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    • At what age is it better to start studying a foreign language?
      According to our experience, it is better to start when the child is 4 years old. At this age the child becomes attentive enough for studying online. The best way to understand whether the child is ready is to get a trial lesson.
    • How many students are there is one group?
      All classes are individual. The teacher dedicates all lesson’s time to one student.
    • What methodology do you use?
      Our syllabus is created on the basis of Cambridge communicative approach.
    • Is there any homework?
      We recommend to get homework in order to consolidate the knowledge you get at the lessons. You can discuss the question of homework with your teacher.
    • What is Speaking Club?
      All our students can attend additional Speaking Club classes, where our students meet the children from the USA and Great Britain and discuss the most interesting topics. here.
    • How often should I study to get best results?
      2-3 individual classes per week + Speaking Club classes at weekends = this is the ideal formula of your studies.
      Having such a timetable, the child gets enough time to rest and to process the information between the lessons.