Kid’s Box 6 syllabus

After completing the course Kid’s Box 1, the student will achieve the following results:

🤝Communicative functions

  • Revision:
    • Describing places, animals, possessions.
    • Asking about quantities.
    • Asking about how often something happens.
    • Giving advice.
    • Expressing obligation.
  • Talking about plans for the future.
  • Talking about actions which are going to happen based on evidence.
  • Talking about actions connected by relative clauses.
  • Making predictions about the future.
  • Talking about actions which are connected.
  • Describing what was happening at a moment in the past.
  • Give and receive directions using a map.
  • Talking about non-specific quantities.
  • Talking about what happened in the past and how it will affect the present.
  • Describing clothes and paintings.
  • Talking about possibility.


  • The student is able to recite poems or sing a song with correct pronunciation and intonation.
  • The student is able to describe an object or a person using familiar structures. (10-12 sentences)
  • The student is able to take part in spoken interaction spontaneously.


  • The student is able to understand a story based on familiar vocabulary and constructions and accompanied by visual aids. The story may contain some unknown words.
  • The student is able to guess the meaning of some unknown words from the context.


  • The student is able to read a text based on familiar vocabulary and structures, including some unknown words.
  • The student is able to deduce information from diverse texts about subjects of interest.
  • The student is able to identify relevant information on written posters and simple maps.


  • Reproduce simple texts using previously presented models.
  • Fill in forms or cards with personal information and data.
  • Write short letters, e-mails or postcards with personal information and information about your immediate surroundings.
  • Write simple stories and descriptions.


  • Revision: Present Simple, Present Continuous, can, have got, how many, how often, must, should, there’s, has got
  • going to (plans)
  • Relative clauses: who, where, which
  • Will (predictions)
  • Connectors: after that, because, before, then, when
  • Past Continuous and Past Simple.
  • Countable and uncountable nouns: enough, too many, too much
  • Present perfect with for, since, still
  • Quantifiers: some, any, no, every, someone, anyone, no-one, everyone, something, anything, nothing, everything, somewhere, anywhere, nowhere, everywhere
  • Modal verbs: may, might
  • Present perfect with just, yet, already
  • Regular and irregular past participles


  • Homework
  • New technologies
  • Adjectives
  • Theatre
  • Myths and legends
  • Mythological animals
  • Current means of transport
  • Space travel
  • The countryside
  • Cardinal points
  • Adventures and expeditions
  • Food
  • Seas and oceans
  • Free time and hobbies
  • Clothes
  • Countries and nationalities


  • Pronunciation of compound names
  • Sounds /θ / and /ð / associated with the written letter th.
  • Contractions ‘ll, ‘’m, ’re, ’s, n’t.
  • Words with ‘y’.
  • Sounds /k/ and /g/
  • Written letter gh.
  • Sounds /b/ and /v/.
  • Stressed syllables in words.
  • The sound /ʌ/.
  • The suffix –ed: sounds /id/, /d/, /t/.
  • The correct intonation for expressing different feelings.
  • Intonation in word lists.
  • The sounds /θ /, /ð / and /d/.


  • Literature: myths and legends
  • Art: landscape paintings and artists
  • Science: solar system, microorganisms, food chain
  • Music: musical genres and styles
  • History: history of dresses around the world
  • Language: the origins of the English language


  • Value the importance of the responsible use of new technologies.
  • Value the importance of the safety at home.
  • Value the importance of living together at home
  • Value the importance of sharing problems.

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