Teaching reading

There are two major methods for teaching reading:

    • “Look-say” or whole language method, where kids memorize the words as one complete structure.
    • And phonics method, where children study the correspondence between the sound and the letter and then build up a word out of several phonemes.

The phonics method is known to be the most effective and is widely used in different courses.

Alphabetical or non-alphabetical order?

Most of the course books that I know present the letters in alphabetical order: Aa is for apple, Bb is for ball and so on. But if you teach first Aa, then Bb, then Cc – when do your students start reading?

Sure you can give them meaningless words to read, such as: ab, bab, cab, bac etc.

But children like to achieve quick results and read the words that they can understand.

  • I prefer teaching letters in non-alphabetical order.

First Ii, then Tt, Ss, Aa, two letters for 1 lesson.
And here you are, after the first lesson your student can read the word “it” which he already knows, and after the second lesson he can read “It is a…” which is nearly a sentence. Wow!

We created a reading course for Allright.io teachers.

The whole course is based on Microsoft Power Point so you can easily use it during your lessons.

Every lesson consists of the following parts:
1. Revising the letters that are already known.
2. A game for revising the letters.
3. Presenting a new letter (2 letters at a time for the first 4 lessons).
4. A game for learning the letter.
5. Reading words with the letter.
6. Reading short texts.

Try teaching your students with this course and you will see guaranteed results.

You can download this course here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/3/folders/1PFXLMK-HdJlIh82ARQ0U7nSA3GSebPON

Or use it onlinehttps://allright.io/blog/2017/10/04/letters-and-reading/

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