Using YouTube at your English lessons

Today I would like to tell you about my favourite YouTube channels that I often use during my lessons.

▶️YouTube has become an effective instrument for teaching. Children love watching and posting videos, video blogging and streaming.
But also there is a huge amount of educational content that you may use with learners of all ages.

They were actually run by the same team, but they split some time ago.

💛I love these channels for wonderful vocabulary chants and reading videos.

  • They have vocabulary chants of 2 types: usually 1 video presents vocabulary (listen and repeat the words), and another video presents phrases with these words.
    Look at “English vocabulary for children” playlist at both channels:
  • As for reading, they have great playlists “Think-read-write” and “Alphabet”:

💙Marty the Moose has taken my heart forever!

  • They have wonderful vocabulary songs:
  • And “What is it?” games:

❤️ This channel is probably one of the most famous among the YLE teachers. Matt is a great singer and teacher. I see how kids love his songs, that are easy to remember and really catchy.

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