Choosing the level of the course

After the trial lesson the teacher chooses the teaching materials according to the student’s knowledge and aims of study.

We offer the course based on Kid’s Box from Cambridge.
The course has 6 levels for children from complete beginner (Pre-A1) to elementary (A2).
You can read more about the course here:

In order to choose the level of the course you need to study the syllabus of each level and find the one which corresponds to the student’s knowledge:

Charlie Junior 1
(Kid’s Box 1)
Smart Charlie 1
(Kid’s Box 3)
Super Charlie 1
(Kid’s Box 5)
Charlie Junior 2
(Kid’s Box 2)
Smart Charlie 2
(Kid’s Box 4)
Super Charlie 2
(Kid’s Box 6)

You can read more about the syllabus here:

When you begin to teach your student with Kid’s Box, please write to the methodologist, noting the name and the age of the student and the level that you chose. When your student finishes a level, please write to the methodologist again, as gives certificates to the students for finishin a level.

What if Kid’s Box is not good for my student?

Using Kid’s Box is not strictly obligatory – you can add your own materials to the lessons, yet, your lessons should be systematic and leading to some formal result.

If you prefer using some other course book (which you think is more suitable for your student) you may still orient yourself to the syllabus we offered.

For example, I like Longman course book “Fly High”. I choose Fly High level 2. I look at the syllabus and find a matching Kid’s Box level – I see that this is Kid’s Box level 2. So I understand that my student should reach the result of Kid’s Box 2 syllabus in +/- 30 lessons, even using Fly High instead of Kid’s Box.

Still we understand that there are students with their specific needs. Some of them don’t need systematic studying and just need speaking practice. Others come to with specific request to work on their grammar or get prepared for some exams. In these cases they are not going to study according to the syllabus – you will develop the syllabus and the lessons for these students yourself.

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