Schedule requirements

    • 🗓️Keep the schedule up-to-date.
      Please make sure that your schedule shows the real picture of your availability. It is better to plan your hours for 2 weeks beforehand. You can appoint your availability hours on Sunday and then make additional changes during the week if needed. This will enable the administrators to book lessons for you on time. When the administrators book a lesson, they take in to account the hours that are marked with green (available). In case you get any additional free hours during the week, please mark them in your schedule.


    • 🔓Give at least 7 availability hours during the peak time.

Our peak time is 16.00 – 20.00 (Moscow Time) on weekdays and 09.00 – 20.00 (Moscow Time) at the weekend. If you are also available during some other time, please mark it in your schedule.
In case the teacher does not follow this rule, the administrators won’t be able to book any trial lessons for you. We need these hours for your regular students as well.

    • ✅Confirm and finish the lessons in your schedule.

Please don’t forget to confirm the lessons that are booked with you. You can do it either through the link in the email you get or in your dashboard directly. The unconfirmed lessons are coloured orange.
After the lesson is over, please click “Finish the lesson” in the lesson’s details in your dashboard and provide a short comment about it: what was studied and how the student performed. You can do it through the email as well. The finished lessons are coloured grey.

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