Questions and answers

What types of lessons are there?
There are 3 types of lessons:
– 60 min (not 55)
– 30 min (not 25)
– trial (30 min) – your first meeting with a new student

Who chooses the duration of a lesson?
A parent chooses which package to buy: the one with 30 min lessons or the one with 60 min lessons. A teacher can give his recommendations about the lessons duration depending on the student’s age and temper. Normally the students under 8 years old would choose 30 min lessons and the students over 9 years old would choose 60 min lessons.

How to prepare for a trial lesson?
– read the information about the student in the lesson details
– plan a flexible sample lesson (include activities for different levels)
– include the elements connected to the student’s hobbies
See the detailed tutorial here.

What is your cancellation policy?
A student can cancel a lesson without charges up to 12 hours before the lesson.
If a lesson was cancelled less then 12 hours in advance, the lesson is counted as completed and is charged from the student’s account.
A teacher can cancel a lesson without charges up to 12 hours before the lesson.
Late cancellations should be only for an emergency reason. A teacher must inform the administration about the cancellation as early as possible.
If a teacher cancels a lesson less than 12 hours in advance, the student gets a bonus lesson, which should be conducted by the teacher for free.

How can I cancel a lesson?
A teacher can ask the administration to help him cancel a lesson. To do this, contact the administration is skype/whatsapp/viber, name the student and the date of the lesson and explain the reason of cancellation. The administration will contact the student and cancel the lesson from your schedule.
A teacher is also able to cancel lessons himself. To do so, you fist need to contact the student’s parents and agree the cancellation. After that, click on the lesson in your schedule and choose “cancel”, then provide the reason of cancellation.
See the detailed tutorial here.

What is W9 tax form or W8ben tax form? is a US-based company. According to the US law, the company needs to get a document from every teacher, stating whether this person is a US tax resident or not in order to pay our taxes at the end of the year properly.

  • Those teachers, who are US tax residents, fill W9 form . At the end of the calendar year the company issues 1099-Misc form to the teacher.
  • Those teachers, who are NOT US residents, fill W8ben form.

Read the detailed information here.

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