Daylight saving time

On March 31 (Sunday) a lot of countries switch to Daylight Saving Time (summer time) – e.g. Ukraine, Serbia, USA, Australia, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Serbia, France and others (in some countries the date can be different)

Please note that Russia doesn’t use Daylight saving time!

In connection to this, there are some changes that might happen to your schedule and that you need to settle if you live in one of the countries mentioned above.

Let’s have a look at the schedule of a teacher who lives in Ukraine (UTC +2), 1 hour difference with Moscow (UTC +3).

As you can see, before March 31 the teacher used to start working at 15.00.

The ticks in the ”schedule” menu also stand at 15.00.

But after March 31 the teacher sees that his slots move 1 hour down. This happens in order to display the change, meaning that what used to be 15.00 Standard time will become 16.00 Daylight saving time.

You can also notice that the lesson of the student, who used to study at 15.00 shifted to 16.00. This happens because the student is from Russia (this country doesn’t change to daylight saving time) and for the student the lesson has always been at 16.00, so now it just stayed at its regular time for the student.

After March 31 you will notice that your schedule has ”shifted back”. The teacher from our example will still see that he starts working at 15.00 (but comparing to Russia his working hours will start and finish an hour earlier).

What problem this can cause?

If a teacher from our example had a student, who starts normally at 18.00 Moscow time (for the teacher is used to be 17.00 Kiev time). After the time shift the student will continue to have his lesson at 18.00 Moscow time. But for the teacher it will be not 17.00 anymore, it will be 18.00!!! And as you can see the teacher from the example normally finishes working at 18.00 his local time, so the student will appear beyond his schedule.

Generally it means that a teacher has 2 variants about what to do:

  • if a teacher wants to save the habbitual time of lessons for his students, he needs to start and finish working 1 hour later than before.
  • if a teacher wants to keep his working hours he needs to find a decision for those students who won’t be able to fit in his schedule after the time shift.

The administaration of the school kindly asks the teachers to be loyal during the time shift period. We will do our best to find decisions suitable both for teachers and the students. Thank you!

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