Add the Administrators and the Methodologist to your contact list

There are 2 major contacts you are going to communicate with during your work: the administrators and the methodologist.

The administrators
The administrators communicate to the parents of your students to organize your lessons. They also book, reschedule and cancel your classes.

Contact the administrator about the lessons organization:

  • to schedule/reschedule/cancel any lesson;
  • if you received a new lesson, but you haven’t confirmed it because you cannot provide it due to some major reasons, so you need to cancel it;
  • if the student is absent within 5 min from the start of the lesson;
  • if the student has left the lesson suddenly;
  • if you cannot conduct the lesson (the sooner-the better);
  • to get/stop getting more trial lessons and new students;
  • to inform about your upcoming vacation

Please don’t call the administration on skype – better write a message.

Please use the following contacts:

When you add the administrators to your contact list on Skype and in any of the messengers, please write the first message immediately, containing the following:
“Hello, this is a new teacher [name] [surname]. Here is a link to my profile: [link]”.


The methodologist
The methodologist performs the functions of a teacher manager, including different reminders, consulting etc:

  • working with the platform (tech issues, bugs, questions, etc);
  • questions about the course and the materials;
  • asking for advice about the students and their studies;

The methodologist is available on the same contact as Administrators:

If you need to address your question to the methodologist, please add “Methodologist:…” to the beginning of your message and it will be transferred immediately.

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