Learn to confirm, finish, cancel and reschedule your lessons

There are different types of lessons in your schedule. All of them are described in a box below the schedule at the website. Please watch the following video about different lessons types and about the actions the teacher needs to perform to confirm or finish a lesson.

Confirming lessons
When a teacher gets a new lesson, it is coloured orange in the schedule. The teacher needs to confirm his lessons on time (at least 12 hours before the class starts). You can confirm a lesson either through email (a teacher gets one after the lesson is booked) or at the website directly.

If the teacher doesn’t confirm a lesson, the student won’t get a notification about it. If you cannot confirm a lesson and need to reschedule it, please contact the administrators immediately. Do not leave a lesson unconfirmed if you cannot provide it.

Finishing lessons
After the lesson is over, it is coloured grey. The teacher can click on it and press “finish”, then provide a comment about the lesson. It is very important to describe any technical issues, if they were present by selecting a tick “tech issues” and giving a description in the comment section.

If needed: cancelling, booking and rescheduling your lessons
Normally this is done by the administrators. The administrators communicate to the students and agree on the time of the lesson, depending on the teacher’s available schedule. Yet, for some teachers it is more convenient to do this manually if this is agreed with the mother of the student.

Important! Please, schedule/reschedule/cancel lessons at the website only after this is agreed with the student. If not, better ask the administrator to do this.
Important! If you cancelled/scheduled/rescheduled a lesson, please write a note to the administrator about it.

Here you can see how a teacher can operate with the lessons himself:

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