Read the Terms and Conditions

Make sure you understand the key points, the rights and duties of the teachers and students, the cancellation policy and other important things.

Here are the top important points which you need to pay attention to:

  • The teacher communicates with the students and administration politely and respectfully.
  • During the lesson the teacher looks neatly.
  • The teacher doesn’t discuss his rates with anyone except the methodologist and the interviewer. The teacher has information about his rates in the invitation letter when he received before the interview.
  • The teacher is not allowed to conduct unauthorized lessons to the students.
  • The teacher cannot refuse to provide lessons to a student by his own choice. If there is a major need, the teacher needs to contact the methodologist to find the decision of the problem.
  • The teacher keeps his schedule at the website up-to-date and confirms the lessons on time (at least 12 hrs before the class starts).
  • The teacher completes reports about the students after trial lessons and regular reports about progress after 5, 30, 60 lessons with the student. The administration checks the completing of reports weekly on Mondays. If the teacher completes less than 75% of reports by Monday, his salary will be delayed for 1 week, until 75% of reports are completed.
  • The student is able to book a lesson 4 hours before the start, so the teacher needs to keep his slots opened only if they intend to teach;
  • The student can cancel a lesson 6 hrs in advance; later cancellation is paid to the teacher. Yet, the teacher can allow to reschedule the lesson which the student missed or asks to cancel less then 12 hrs in advance without compensation.
  • The teacher can cancel a lesson 12 hrs in advance providing a valid reason of cancellation to the administration with no fee; later cancellation will trigger the addition of deductions:

Cancellations with more than 12 hours notice: no deduction
Cancellations with 2-12 hours notice: -50% of lesson fee
Cancellations with less than 2 hours notice: -100% of lesson fee

  • The teacher needs to notify the administration about his upcoming vacation or quitting 2 weeks in advance.
  • ⚠️The teacher completes the W9 or W8ben form after getting his first paid lesson (see the full information here).

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