How to teach Speaking Club classes at

Speaking Club classes are group lessons for the students of where they can have additional speaking practice up to 4 times a week.

For teachers Speaking Club is an additional way to get paid lessons, which is especially great for new teachers who don’t have enough paid classes yet.

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Why is it great to teach Speaking Club classes?


  • self-advertisement: when students meet you at Speaking Club classes they may “fall in love” with you and want to have regular 1-on-1 classes with you as well;
  • paid classes and additional earning: a new teacher usually experiences troubles during his first weeks having lots of trial classes, so Speaking Club is a good way to earn more even during your first weeks;
  • prepare 1 lesson plan – teach many lessons: teachers prepare their own lessons for Speaking Clubs, but the good thing is that you can teach one and the same topic throughout the whole week: e.g. your topic is “Weather” so you can teach 5-6 classes on this same topic to different groups during the week;
  • diverse experience: some teachers like teaching small groups and upgrading their teaching skills this way;




Payment: according to the teacher’s payment rate for regular classes (same price as for 1-on-1 classes); the size of payment depends on the lesson duration (30 or 60 min, see the table below)

Age: the teacher chooses the age group he wants to work with (younger groups are more popular) – see the table below.

Level: students are divided into groups not according to their level but according to their age (at this point our system allows us to do only this way). Yet, there is some general understanding that the older the group is, the higher its level is – see the table below.

Age Group size Class duration Recommended level
4-6 y.o. 6 students or less 30 min Charlie Preschool, Charlie Starter 1 (complete beginner)
6-9 y.o. 7 students or less 60 min Charlie Starter 1, Charlie Starter 2 (beginner)
10-12 y.o. 7 students or less 60 min Charlie Mover 1, Charlie Mover 2 (elementary)
13-16 y.o. 8 students or less 60 min Charlie Flyer 1, Charlie Flyer 2 (pre-intermediate)

Day: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Time: the administrator will choose a green slot in your schedule

Topic: the teacher chooses the topic and prepares the lesson himself; try to choose interesting topics (superheroes, fairytales, lego, minecraft – they are superpopular) or invent a nice topic yourself

Who to contact?

Contact the Speaking Club administrator in Skype to get an invitation link for registration.

  • name: Speaking Clubs от
  • login: live:help_3813


How to teach a Speaking Club class?

Aim of class: to practice students’ vocabulary and engage everyone to speak more; no writing activities; minimum or no reading – focus on speaking.

Video example:

Lesson plan example:


  • start the lesson with getting acquainted with the students by asking about their names, age, mood, weather, day etc.
  • engage all the students into speaking
  • if the student is unwilling to speak in group and isn’t active, talk to this student personally, ask him questions – don’t let him sit in silence
  • you can use a presentation during your class, if you wish; some teachers use screensharing a lot, some don’t at all




  • the lesson takes place via Zoom group conference;
  • the information about your lesson will appear in your Dashboard (click on the lesson in your schedule for details): 
  • to join the class from your dashboard you can either copy the link from the class details or click “open lesson” above in your dashboard when in starts: 
  • the administrator might be present at the lesson to control the number of students (not always);
  • in case of troubles you can contact the administrator in skype – see the contacts above;


How to use Zoom (instructions)


Click here for the instructions on how to install and launch Zoom


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