Completing the feedbacks and reports

There are 3 types of feedback which we ask the teachers to complete:

  • feedback after a trial lesson
  • feedback after a regular lesson
  • feedback about a student’s progress after 5/30/60/90 lessons

Feedback after a trial lesson

After a trial lesson with a new student, the teacher gets a small feedback to fill.

The unfilled feedbacks appear right in your Dashboard above the schedule:

The report is very small:

  • Choose how the lesson was finished: “Everything OK”, “Technical issues”, “Student didn’t show up”, “Teacher didn’t show up”.
  • Define the level of recommended syllabus for the student (not his current level, but what you are going to study). When you define the recommended level in the report, the mother of the student gets the same syllabus description as you can see in the table.
  • Write a short comment about the lesson for the parents. Try to be positive: note the student’s strong abilities, his attention and interest; write what would be best for the student to focus on, etc. The comment can be very short, but this is the most important part. Write the comment in Russian if you speak Russian, please.

*if you choose “Technical issues” please describe them in the comment.

  • If accidentally you only chose the status of the lesson but forgot to write a comment, you can click on the lesson in your dashboard later and choose “Edit comment”:

ATTENTION! This report is obligatory to fill. Writing the comment is also obligatory. If you don’t write any comment and close the report, it will still be visible above your schedule during 7 days from the lesson. Then it will disappear, but you will still be able to find the lesson back in your schedule, click on it and press “finish” to write a comment.

ATTENTION! According to Terms and Conditions if the teacher has 3 or more unfilled feedbacks about trial lessons by Monday, his salary will be delayed for 1 week, until the feedbacks are filled.


Feedback after a regular lesson

Starting from April, 2020, completing feedback after every regular lesson became obligatory. This feedback looks the same as the one after a trial lesson, but the teacher doesn’t receive a pop-up reminder to complete it.

  • After you finish the lesson, you click ”Exit” in the classroom and will be redirected to the report page.
  • Another way to do it is to click on the lesson in your schedule and choose ”finish” or ”edit comment” in the pop-up.


Feedback about the student’s progress

After the student completes 5/30/60/90 lessons at AllRight school, the current teacher gets a feedback to fill.

This report is a bit longer than the one after a trial lesson, but in general it takes around 5 minutes to fill.

These reports also appear above your schedule in the Dashboard and stay there during 30 days:

The report itself should be also completed in Russian (if possible) and includes feedback about the student’s language skills and the topics covered during the lessons:

After the report is completed, the student gets a colourful letter about his success based on the teacher’s report. This is really important for the kids and they are looking forward to getting a certificate which is inside this letter (the certificate is generated only after 30/60/90 lessons):

ATTENTION! This report is obligatory to fill.

ATTENTION! According to Terms and Conditions if the teacher has 3 or more unfilled feedbacks about students’ progress during 30 days, his salary will be delayed for 1 week, until the feedbacks are filled.

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