Tips on giving trial lessons

Trial lessons are always challenging. Obviously, a teacher needs to test the student’s level of English and to become friends with him. Additionally, a teacher needs to perform his best so that the parent decides to buy a package of lessons (we all know that the parents are often present during the lesson, even if they don’t appear in the camera). So we decided to upgrade our trial lesson plans with the tips for teachers, enabling you to give all the information the parent wants to get. These lesson plans are suitable both for the situation when the parent is present and when the child is alone at the lesson. Using these plans you will significantly improve the conversion from trial to paid students.

NEW trial lesson plan

🅰️Trial lesson plans are now made in 2 languages, noted in the name of the lesson: Russian and English. The lessons themselves are still the same, but the information for parents and the tips for the teachers are written in the corresponding language. If you can speak Russian and the student is from Russia, choose “Russian”. If you can’t speak Russian or the student is from other countries, choose “English”.

  • English: Trial 4-6 y.o.
  • English: Trial 7-9 y.o.
  • English: Trial 10-12 y.o.
  • Russian: Trial 4-6 y.o.
  • Russian: Trial 7-9 y.o.
  • Russian: Trial 10-12 y.o.


🎬Introductory part

Every lesson starts with a section with the information about the interactive classroom, homework and speaking club. It is reasonable to ask the parent to come to the computer for a short talk.

Every lesson includes teacher notes with detailed script of what a teacher needs to tell the parent. Teacher notes are marked by a blue/orange (i) sign on the right of the slide.

IN CASE THE PARENT IS ABSENT AT THE LESSON, just skip the first 6 slides and proceed to  slide 7 with the start of the actual lesson plan.

IF YOU ARE NOT USING THE LESSON PLANS, following your own materials, you can use the following information during the lesson anyways.

📝Brief information about the advantages of the school

– The lessons are held on the interactive platform. Right now we are here – in the classroom.
– Our classroom has many interesting features.
– First, there are slides with lessons according to the syllabus (we will choose the level of the syllabus by the end of the lesson). Right now we are also looking at a slide. Actually it looks a lot like those which we are going to use during the lessons.
– Why do we say that the slides are interactive?
– You may not only look at the pictures. You can draw here! Can you see a panel with tools down the screen? You can click on the pencil tool, choose a colour and start drawing together with me, circle, highlight etc. (the teacher shows how the drawing tool works)
You can also type! Click on the letter Aa on the panel, then click on any place on the slide and type something (the teacher shows how it works by typing “is” into Bob’s speech bubble).

– Sometimes the lesson contains short videos (usually 1 song or 1 clip for 2-3 minutes with further discussion). You can watch it together with the teacher. Let’s try. (The teacher clicks on the video, the student can see a big red button “click on the video” on his screen; the student clicks on it and the video starts – except mobile apps)
– Also we have a cool encouragement system here in the classroom. When a student gives a correct answer, he gets up to 5 starts for a lesson – kids love that! (the teacher sends a star)
– And also a funny character lives here. This is Charlie. He can praise the student for something or give him a hint! (the teacher clicks on Charlie button and shows his emotions)

– After the lesson with the use of the slides you will get an automatic homework. It is not obligatory for doing, but kids usually like it really much, as there are mini-games after the topic of the lesson. They are accessible at the website and also you can get the links on your email, if you have noted it in your profile.
– Also, if you wish, I can send additional homeworks in the format you decide – this can be just revision of the words or songs, maybe some written tasks or some worksheets to print out – as you wish.
– Actually, studying with AllRight is even better than studying with a private teacher or at any offline language schools:
the lessons are 1-on-1, so your child gets full attention of the teacher;
the lessons are after the syllabus, which you can see in advance; when you have classes with a private tutor, usually there is no certain plan of studies, but here the lessons are a complete system, which guarantees a result.
the lessons take place on the interactive platform and the children like it so much!
– AND WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT, UNLIKE IN OTHER SCHOOLS, here everything is focused around the child, the tasks are bright and colourful, the platform is made according to kid’s abilities; in other schools the platforms are usually made mostly for adults;

– Besides that, our students can attend free speaking club lessons with children of their age. Speaking club classes are group lessons (5-6 kids in a group) on various interesting topics.
When you become a student of our school, you will get an invitation with a link, where you will be able to see the list of all clubs and subscribe for those you like just from the dashboard of your profile at the website.
– Speaking Club is a great practice to support your 1-on-1 classes. There are different levels of the classes – those for small beginners and those for more advanced teenagers. The lessons are held by different tutors and all the lessons are exclusively in the oral form.
– UNLIKE THAT IN OTHER SCHOOLS, you can attend speaking clubs 3-4 times per week ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE. You won’t get the same amount of free classes in any other school.

– And the last one. You can always get feedback from the lesson – you can open the slides from your last lesson from your dashboard or get an email with that.
– But what is even better – the student gets a letter after 5, 30, 60 lessons at the school, where he will find a colourful summary of all his achievements and a real certificate!
– Now let’s proceed to our short lesson. We will talk with ______, and then see you again at the end of the class.

Lesson plan

Then you may teach your lesson for 10-15 minutes.
Please call the student to the screen. Depending on the student’s mood and level, you may cover only a part of the plan, no need to press him/her, stop where it is comfortable for the student.

Final part (if the parent is ABSENT)

Talk to the student. Ask him/her questions about how he liked the class to sum up his POSITIVE impression.

Final part (if the parent is PRESENT)

You need to describe shortly what was GOOD at the lesson and what you are going to do with the child in future.
E.g. “Bob is a very active child, he has nice skills of listening and oral understanding. We are going to follow Charlie Preschool syllabus for the smallest kids, it is an oral course. You can get the detailed syllabus on your email.”

NEXT ask the parent about his wishes for learning and what he wants to get from the classes: more oral practice, to learn letters and reading or not, for elder students – to focus on grammar or not, etc.
– After our class the administrator will call you and ask about your impressions of our lesson and help you with any of your questions.
– I’d like to remind you that if you liked our lesson and you would like to continue studies, you can buy a package of lessons right now after the lesson using this link, which I will post into the chat here:
If you pay today or tomorrow then you will get a free BONUS lesson for the quick payment.
We recommend you to plan your lessons as soon as possible, as this will enable you to choose the most suitable time for classes in my schedule. I can give you a link to my profile, if needed (POST A LINK)
– After the class you can open my profile, click on any suitable time among the green slots and book a lesson.
– Thank you for the class, do you have any more questions?

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