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Dear teachers! Please pay attention to the news below, concerning finishing your lessons, lessons confirmation changes and minor bugs.

Finishing the lessons

  1. From now, after you finish a trial lesson with your own comment, the system will add one more phrase automatically: “I recommend to have lessons 2-3 times a week and attend Speaking Clubs”. This phrase will be added to your comment which the parent receives after the trial lesson. We also remind you to be positive and attentive while commenting your trial lessons, minding that the way you comment it will affect the parent’s decision to buy further lessons with you.
  2. The second change concerns the lesson status. Now, in case at least 50% of the lesson took place in the Classroom successfully, the system will finish the lesson automatically, choosing a status “Everything OK”. You NEED to click on the lesson, choose “Edit comment” and comment it, either keeping the existing status, or changing it to “technical issues” in case of any.

Lessons confirmation

Please note that according to AllRight Terms and Conditions:

The Teacher should confirm the lessons on time.

  • for the lessons booked for the nearest 7 days: confirm during 12 hours after booking;
  • for the lessons booked for more than 8 days in advance: confirm no later than 7 days before the start of the lesson.

The lesson confirmation period affects your rate on the website. If the rate is too low – the system can close the teacher’s profile from the trial lessons.

Important: if the trial lesson is not confirmed by the teacher within 12 hours after the booking, then it will be transferred to another teacher.

Minor bugs

After a recent release at the website there are a couple of troubles, which you could possibly face:

  • Teacher notes in the Classroom are not visible – our tech support team is already working to fix them.
    FOR TRIAL LESSONS – you can access the script here: https://allright.com/blog/ru/2019/11/08/tips-on-giving-trial-lessons/
  • Lesson status not visible – some teachers report a bug when trying to finish a lesson, that the panel with statuses is not visible (“Everything OK”; “Technical issues” etc) – to fix it, please try to clean your cache; try using another browser; try logging in and out; if that doesn’t help – please make a screenshot and send to the methodologist (remember: for that you need to write a message to the admin skype with a note Method: in the beginning)

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