Important! Declaring shortened lesson duration to the students.

Dear teachers!

As you know, we have shortened the lessons in 5 min, so that they are 25 min and 55 min respectively.

This was done in favour of teachers so that they are able to complete a short report about the lesson immediately (without having to take notes on paper and coming back to the class in the end of the day) and also for giving teachers a chance for at least short rest.

But we would kindly ask you either not to discuss this new rule with the students at all or to present it in a soft manner noting that it is not about the reduction but about the chance for the parents to get feedback more often, literally after every lesson.

It is highly not recommended to say: ”Didn’t you know that the lesson duration is reduced? The lesson is over! Goodbye!” Any parent would react negatively to this.

Let’s be positive and appreciate our students.


All Right.

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