Lesson duration, feedback and rescheduling without payment

Dear teachers! We’d like to speak about handling the parents’ complaints about reduced lesson duration one more time.

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We also noticed that some teachers keep asking the admins to reschedule a lesson without payment.

We kindly remind you that from April, 6 new terms and conditions took effect, according to which, the teacher gets 75% of the lesson payment rate in case the student cancels a lesson less than 6 hours in advance.

Yet in cases of technical issues at the lesson, some teachers still want to be loyal to students and wish to reschedule without getting the payment and charging this lesson from the student’s account.

We understand your desire of being loyal to the students, but from April 6 we cannot arrange it so easily as it was before. Normally a teacher would just get the payment.

If you still insist, we can offer you a scheme on what should be done to arrange rescheduling without payment:

  • You contact the admin in Skype chat by writing a message according to the following example: “Me and my student [name of student and parent as in the schedule] agreed on rescheduling our lesson which we just had to another time without payment. Please reschedule it to [date and time].”

Please mind that in this case the lesson will disappear from your schedule. You won’t be able to change your mind and get the payment later.

All requests without noting particular time will be rejected.




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