Free Training Resources for Teachers

Hi everyone!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend. If you are looking to brush up on your teaching skills we’ve curated 5 great free  resources for you to try in your spare time.

  1. Cambridge is offering a free 4-week course aimed at offering a path of professional development specifically for online teachers. It starts June 8th, and you can enrol here .
  2. The British Council also has a great library of resources for educators which includes articles, webinars, blogs and teaching tips aimed at ESL teachers. Get started here . They also offer several free courses such as Teaching Young Learners Online , Teaching for Success and Language Assessment in the Classroom . A full list of their 23 free courses can be found here .
  3. In our most recent assessment of teachers, we noticed that the area where teachers scored the lowest was use of TPR in the classroom. Using actions in the classroom is crucial for language retention in in Kinesthetic learners (those who learn through actions), so if this an area you feel you are unfamiliar with, you can read an article about it’s importance here and see some examples of basic TPR here .
  4. Another area where teachers struggle is with error correction. Although it’s not the most pleasant part of being an English teacher, it is important for students to receive constructive feedback during lessons. The British Council has given a great explanation here and this blog has some useful tips as well. So does this blog.
  5. For you early childhood educators, this on is for you! The Queensland University of Technology is also offering a 2-week course on Teaching Phonics in Early Childhood, which can be found here .

That’s all everyone! Please let us know if you found this useful, and if you do complete any of the courses above, we would love to hear some feedback on how they went. Good luck!

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