New Functions + New Flyers Curriculum

Hi everyone!

We have a few new functions, updates, and reminders we’d like to share with you.

  1. Auto-Confirmation

    This is a new function was designed with our busy teachers in mind. By enabling auto-confirmation, all lessons booked into your available slots will be confirmed automatically and you will not longer receive a prompt to confirm your lessons. All other normal booking and cancelation rules will still apply. You can opt-in here.

  2. We are expanding to the German market!

    If you would like to teach English to German students AND you speak some German, feel free to opt-in to teach our new German students as they come. Opt-in here.

    3. New Flyers Curriculum and Characters
    You may have seen the new trials now available for Flyers level students 🎉 Please use these trials and if you have new trial students, start them with the new curriculum (live soon!) In our new curriculum you can seen Charlie as a teenage boy, along with his friends Dan, Shari, Alvin and Nicole. We hope you feel like it’s an upgrade from our previous material for Flyers.



You have the ability to speak to your students outside of lesson times in the chat box feature on your dashboard. It is against your contract and/or Terms & Conditions to offer your private contact details to a student. You can access the chatbox in these 2 places:

We’ve also added Zoom Links in the classroom for when you have technical issues with the student. We are also adding Zoom links to the booking details as well in the rare instance that neither party can enter the classroom.

If you missed it before, you can also still opt-in to be paid by Payoneer here.

And of course! Our teachers of the month for July 💜

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