ATTENTION! Teachers who receive payments to bank accounts directly!

Dear teachers,

I’m writing to inform you that we are having an issue with our payment system that sends your salary directly to your account. To avoid delays, we urge you to please switch to one of the following payment methods:


-Send us your Paypal email address and we will pay you on Monday or Tuesday, as scheduled. Don’t forget to go to your Settings menu –> Wallet –> and change the information there to: “Paypal: [email]”.

Payoneer (best option) → 
– Register the account – 15 min
– Connect our All Right account – 2 min
– We pay / you receive money – 5 min
– Withdraw money to your bank card (1 min + about 30 min to get it on your card).
(More detailed instructions on this at the end of this email)

Please note: if you are receiving the payments to your bank card/account this issue applies to you. Failure to respond to this notification will result in delays of payments for up to 2 weeks, so it is important that you reply with the utmost urgency to avoid any payment delays.

We would also like to apologize for requesting this switch on such short notice. This is an issue with a third-party payment provider and unfortunately we have no influence or control over how quickly they resolve their system issues.

We thank you for your understanding and hope that everyone will receive their payment on time!

-Bonnie Burton

Head of Methodology at


  1. Register an account in Payoneer payment system:
  2. Contact us via admin chat in skype  and provide the email for your payoneer account. Please use the following form: “Methodologist: here is my Payoneer account [email]”.
  3. Receive an invitation link to connect your Payoneer account to set AllRight as a payment provider for your account. 
  4. Follow the link and complete the needed steps. *Please make sure pop-up windows are allowed in your browser, as the system will send one to let you login.
  5. Go to your Settings menu in your teacher dashboard —> Wallet —> change the payment information to the following form: “Payoneer: [email]”.
  6. After completing all steps, contact us via admin chat in skype again and notify us that you completed all the steps. Please use the following form: “Methodologist: I connected my Payoneer account to AllRight”.

Here are detailed instructions in Russian language about creating a Payoneer account:

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