New Features at All Right

Hi everyone!

We’d just like to keep you in the loop about some new features available for teachers:

  1. You can now upload multiple videos! If you can speak several languages, you might consider doing an intro video in each one. Our system will auto-detect the language of the student and present the appropriate video for them. For example, if you speak English, Spanish, and Italian, you could have a video in English, another one in Italian, and another one in Spanish. We believe this will help students better find the right teacher for them. If this is something you are interested in doing, please upload your video (s) to a Google drive, and send the link to Make sure you let us know the language for each video you are sending!
  2. New in class translation abilities! Now, in most lessons you and your students will be able to translate text in real time in the chat box. This feature works on desktop, but if the student is on mobile, they won’t be able to translate your text (yet!) Even though you will be able to translate theirs. If you just want a cheat sheet where you can quickly copy and paste a few phrases, you can download it here: PDF Embedder requires a url attribute.
  3. We’ve decided to make trial lessons available offline in case of technical issues in the classroom. Please only use these offline links as a last resort if your presentations are not loading during a trial :
Level Description Links
4-7 Easy Colors and Numbers
4-7 Medium Animals
4-7 Hard At the beach
6-9 Easy Pets
6-9 Medium Around town
6-9 Hard Careers
10-12 Easy Hobbies
10-12 Medium Holidays
10-12 Hard Technology

Teacher’s of the Month for September:

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