Fun new teaching props

Hello everyone!

We’ve got some new teaching props which you are welcome to use if you like. Have a look 🙂

Printable finger puppets

Keep young learners engaged with printable finger puppets of our favorite characters! Download them here.

Printable face masks:

Halloween is coming, so we thought it would be fun for teachers to have some masks of our characters to wear close to Halloween. You can also color them with your students if you want as a fun activity (send them the pdf in the chat). Download them in black and white and color. 

Printable flashcards:

We now have flashcards for trial lessons for kids under 10 years old, as well as multi-lingual troubleshooting flashcards, and a few for grammar too! Find them all here.

ManyCam masks, frames and backgrounds: 

ManyCam is a powerful that can help make your lessons more fun and engaging by enhancing your camera feed. Similar to what Snapchat filters do, with ManyCam you can add masks, backgrounds and frames to your video feed. You can download ManyCam for free at and you can also download custom AllRight masks, backgrounds, and frames here. These backgrounds can also be used in Zoom and Skype, even if you down have ManyCam 🙂

Also, another reminder about new features:

-You can now send text in any language into the chat box, and your student will be able to translate it into English, and vice versa. This will work on all devices but iPhone.

-You can now add up to 5 videos for different markets. For example, if you can speak Russian and Spanish, maybe you’d like to do one in each language to address the unique needs of these very different types of students. If you’d like to update your videos, please send them to

-We are still developing tool to let you choose the exact slide, but for now you can click your mouse on the page, then click ctrl + o (PC) or cmd + o (Mac) to have a selection of all the pages , which will allow you to pick the one you want.

-Students are now able to book empty slots up to 4 hours before the lesson start time, so please only keep slots open which you intend to teach.

Thanks everyone, have a great week 🙂

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