How to conduct better trial lessons

Hi everyone!

Thanks to all of the teachers who attended our webinar on Wednesday about how to conduct the perfect trial. You can watch the whole thing here:

Please bear in mind the video does break up a bit at the end, but all the audio is still there 🙂

Additionally, we wanted to offer the following advice to teachers to help end their trials more smoothly, as we received a lot of questions surrounding this topic:

You can send the following links to your student in the chat at the end of the trial to make their registration and payment easier:

  • The link to your profile (on your dashboard go to “My Profile” and copy the link from the search bar)
  • If you know what level you want your student to study at, you can send them to our “Levels” page which has more information about what they will study at each level:
  • You can also send them straight to our “Prices” page, where they can pay directly:

Of course, our admin team will follow up with your students within a few hours after your lesson, but we know some teachers like to take matters into their own hands and prepare their student for when they speak to the course consultant.

You can also tell students about the following “new student” promotions:

  • Free access to our mobile game, normally $ 20USD per month
  • Free mini course (a pre-recorded course Preschool and Charlie Starter 1 levels about how to make friends abroad, taught by Marina)
  • 1000RUB off their first lesson package with code TUTOR15
  • Pay in installments for large lesson packages (they can purchase 50 lessons, but pay over 3 months, for example)
  • Pay within 24 hours to get +1 bonus lessons
  • Refer a friend, and you get +2 lessons

We have this information translated into multiple languages, in case your student’s parents don’t understand English – just to be sure they don’t miss a good deal! You can find the translations here. 

Additionally, we’d like to remind you that all trial lessons are recorded for quality and training purposes. We’ve recently discovered teachers who used trial lessons as a way to get new students for themselves outside of our platform, and this is completely unacceptable. Any teacher caught doing this will be immediately terminated as it is strictly against our terms and conditions.

Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend!

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