Emotions recognition in the classroom

Hello everyone!

We would like to describe a recently deployed feature of emotions recognition in the classroom.

An icon with emotions appears in the corner of the teacher’s video and is supposed to show the general expression of your face during the lesson.


  1. We recognize anger 😠, contempt 🙄, disgust 🤮, fear 😱, happiness 😀, neutral 😐, sadness 😓 and surprise 😮.
  2. The AI ​​takes a screenshot once in 30 seconds and analyzes the face expression using more than 30 points on your face.
  3. The quality of connection doesn’t influence the recognition.
  4. Camera quality and light can cause some minor influence.
  5. Emotion detection starts only when both the teacher and the student are in the classroom.
  6. Emotions recognition has very small influence on your rating.


Does this mean that I have to smile all the time from now on?
No, you DON’T have to smile all the time, this would look strange 😅. We are focusing on how much time you are neutral, not happy. Meaning that being an animated teacher with many emotions will be to your benefit . It doesn’t only measure your smile or teeth showing, but it analyzes over 30 points on your face changing (your eyebrows, lips, cheeks, etc).

How does it influence my rating?
The system is more to aid you that to punish you. Emotions recognition is a part of your Quality Assessment score, which is comprised of 90 points altogether. We set the score from +3 to -3 for emotions at the lesson, so in general it won’t affect your QA score more than 10%. The emotions feature influences your rating for the last 200 lessons in total, but it scores NOT for your smile, but for neutral emotions:

Image may contain: text “Tutor has 50% -60% neutral emotion emotion 0 Tutor has 30% neutra emotions 3 Tutor has 30% -40% neutral emotions 2 Tutor has 40% -50% neutral emotion 1 Tutor has 60% - 70% neutral emotions 1 Tutor has more 70% neutral emotions -2 "

You are free to show happiness, fear, surprise, sadness and even disgust – stay animated and emotional, which will be definitely appreciated by the student!

It doesn’t recognize my emotions properly.
The system works with screenshots taken from your video every 30 seconds. That’s why you might have an idea that it doesn’t show your emotions correctly. Our developers tried taking screenshots more often, but in the end this didn’t show much difference.

We would also like to thank you for your patience with the recent system outages. Our team is constantly working on the improvement of your user experience.

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