New Types of Material

Hello everyone!

We just wanted to let you know about some new and upcoming material.

1. Booster courses

We finished our first Booster course, which is for Preschool. It’s live on the materials page now and we will release a booster course for each level every week until every level is complete 🎉

What are Booster Courses?

  • 5 lesson courses at the end of each each level (Charlie Starter 1, Movers 2, etc.)
Who are they for?
  • Students who are returning after a long study break to review what they learned previously
  • New students who are shy to start; they can start off easy reviewing some knowledge
  • Students who finished a level but don’t quite understand everything
2. Minecraft
Our Minecraft course is nearly ready and is expected to be live next week! This is for Starters level, and Movers level is to be expected in early January 2021. These lessons will be included in our regular curriculum, and any student can request to learn about Minecraft with their teacher. Here’s a one of our new videos as a little sneak peek 👀:
3. Phonics
Our updated Phonics course will be available for students of all levels (but mainly for Preschool and Charlie Starter 1) at the end of this week. This will be letters A-Z, their sounds, associated words, and some reading exercises. We will also be extending this course to include common phonemes and further reading practice, This should be ready around the end of the year.
4. Movers Teens
We will be releasing 40 lessons at Movers level aimed towards teenagers and using the same structure and style as our new Flyers courses. We hope our more mature Movers level students will appreciate them! We will start uploading these as they become ready and the full course should be on the site by the end of the year. In January we will do the same thing with Starters 🙂
5. Stories
You may have noticed the new stories category in the materials section. We will keep adding stories for all ages to build ourselves a nice library. Keep checking back for more updates!

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