Guidelines for company communication

Hello everyone,

Here is a friendly reminder of company guidelines of who to contact regarding common issues:

-Billing and payment issues (ie. I did not receive my salary): AllRight Skype chat
*Please only contact us if your salary has not been received by the Thursday after you received your salary email.
-Transferring money from Paypal/Payoneer to your bank: We cannot help you with this. You need to contact Payoneer/PayPal/your bank directly.
-Payment for ad lessons: These payments will be added to your paycheque before you receive your Monday salary email. Questions about this *after* the email has been sent out should be directed to the AllRight Skype chat.

-Why is my ranking so low?/How can I improve my ranking?: You can revisit this section of your teacher training here. Or, watch our webinar regarding this topic here.
*Admins are unequipped to answer specific questions about the ranking system.

-Misprints in the curriculum: Post them in the Facebook group, or email Marina.
-Suggestions about the curriculum: Post them in the Facebook group, or email Bonnie.

Cancelling or Rescheduling Lessons
-To cancel a lesson in your schedule: cancel it yourself.
-To cancel or reschedule a Speaking Club: contact the Speaking Clubs admin
-To cancel or reschedule a Group Lesson: contact the Skype admins
-To reschedule a lesson: speak to your student first, and then reschedule the lesson yourself. If you are unable to do so, contact the admins on Skype,
*If you are unable to reschedule a lesson yourself, you can email Mat to get you permission to reschedule your own lessons.

-Advice on how to teach a lesson, how to teach other languages, or how to work with a particular student: Ask in the Facebook group.
-Advice on which payment provider to choose: Unfortunately, we cannot help with this. We currently only offer payments through Payoneer and Paypal, and you will need to do the research yourself.
-Helping your students with homework: You can send them this link or watch this short video so you can explain it to them yourself.

-To increase your allowance for Speaking Clubs: Email Mat
-Issues with any of the teacher training: Email Mat
-Urgent and non-urgent technical issues: AllRight Skype chat
-Holiday requests: AllRight Skype chat
-To register for Group Lessons or Speaking Clubs: Email Mat

As mentioned previously, it is in the best interest of everyone if you send *one* message, to the correct channel, rather than several messages to multiple channels. Furthermore, you are not to contact staff directly via Facebook, WhatsApp or Skype, but to use the appropriate channels. Teachers who disregard this run the risk of their profile being closed.

Please note, most staff are on holidays for Christmas break until January 11th, so response times can and will be delayed.

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