New Features and Material

Hello everyone,

Here is a summary of everything that has gone live in in the past few weeks:

-Teachers are now able to finish their lessons with the correct level and lesson of the student. This will automatically assign your students the correct homework according to the lesson, as well as cater their experience to be more according to their level (ie. Access to Speaking Clubs at the correct level, promotion of other courses at their level, etc.) …
-Teachers can now book Speaking Clubs themselves. The feature is still new, so we are still working out the bugs, but teachers are welcome to join the training and get booking!
-As a reminder, if you cannot enter your classroom, or if you’re having technical issues, you can use the Zoom link available in the lesson booking to conduct your lesson (in case of emergency only).
-We are currently testing out our school in other markets. Students from these new countries will show up in your schedule with a Union Jack flag 🇬🇧. If we decide to officially offer classes in a country (ie. Turkey) we will add the corresponding flag.
-You maybe have also noticed a “game” function in the classroom. Soon, you will be able to play our mobile app in the classroom with students on Android. If the feedback is good, we will expand this feature to be available for desktop and iOS, so please send us your feedback when the time comes!

-Booster courses up to Movers 1 are finished, and can be found in the materials page at the end of each level. We hope you love them!
-Movers for teens is also live! This course is for students who are perhaps too mature to take our normal curriculum, but are not a high enough level to take Flyers lessons. We will also have Starters for teens by the end of the month. Feedback on these courses is muchly appreciated!
-We have updated our phonics course, and are currently extending it to focus more on reading and traditional phonics beyond the alphabet. You should already see more of these new extended lessons in the materials section.
-We’ve also added a Charlie Potter storyline to 10 lessons in Movers. All the other material is the same, you just need to choose if you and your student would prefer to study with Lock and Key, or Charlie Potter 😊
-And last but not least – Minecraft is here! We currently have 15 lessons for Starters level, and another 15 for Movers level due at the beginning of February.

Happy teaching!

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