January news

Dear teachers, we hope you are having a great start of 2021 and are glad to inform you about the following:

1. Small announcements.
2. Minecraft course and how to use it.
3. New homework feature finally implemented!
4. Teachers of the month (December)!

Small announcements
The new 2021 year has started and most kids are having plenty of free time from school due to the lockdown in certain areas, so why not to make the most of this time? That would be great if the teachers asked the students to book some extra lessons these days and study something really cool and interesting outside the general curriculum. You could use the Phonics course for the smallest students, do a Booster of the previous level to revise it or even go and study English with Minecraft (see block 2 of this post, it’s amazing!).

Also, as you know, a new update has been issued, enabling the students with Android devices to play a game in the classroom during the lesson. We’d strongly recommend you NOT to use this feature yet, please, until the issues with it are resolved by our developers.

Finally, we need teachers who are able to help students with their school homeworks during the lessons. Such teacher might need to find out from the student which coursebook they are using at school to search for its copy on the internet and be able to follow the student’s school progress easily. Alternatively, a teacher could ask the student’s parents to send a photocopy of the book/activity book. If you are willing to participate, please apply through this form: https://forms.gle/o4X3jUjnzaUYirx97

Minecraft course and how to use it

As you have possibly noticed, we published new Minecraft lessons just before the New Year! This is Minecraft Starter and Minecraft Mover is coming really-really soon!
Minecraft Starter has 15 lessons and corresponds to Charlie Starter 1 and Charlie Starter 2 of our general curriculum. Click here to see the course roadmap.
Minecraft Starter can be offered to kids who are interested in this game (don’t forget to look at the line ”Hobbies” in the student’s card and never hesitate to update it!). They could take Minecraft Starter as a separate course, not touching the general curriculum, but it’s important to know that in this case it will be a really quick overview course without proper grammar studies.
We recommend that you take Minecraft lessons alongside with Charlie Starter 1 and Charlie Starter 2 courses, having 1 Minecraft lesson in 4 lessons of the general curriculum and let your student look forward to these classes impatently!
Alternatively, you could use Minecrat lessons to give your student extra classes during the winter time!

New homework feature finally implemented!
We are happy to announce our new homework feature implemented to the website.
Before we were using third-party software for Charlie Preschool, Starter and Mover homeworks. Now we are on the way of creating our own unique homework exercises. The coolest thing that in this case the teacher will be able to look through the student’s homework progress and review it at the lesson.
At the moment we have created unique homeworks for Charlie Preschool, Charlie Flyer and Minecraft (others coming very soon!).

The teacher will be able to see the student’s last homework and its completion progress in the student’s card menu:
Visit the menu “My students” -> “Student card” -> “Previous lesson”:

If you click on the homework link, you will be able to see it exercise by exercise and the way the student completed it. You could screenshare this tab in the classroom to review the homework with the student at the lesson:

The student has access to homework either via a link in the email after the lesson or through the “Materials” menu in their student dashboard.

Teachers of the month (December)

Teachers of the month template by Bonnie Burton

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