All company communication is moving to Telegram!

Hello teachers!

We are pleased to announce that all company communication will be moved to Telegram, starting from March 12th, 2021. We know this will be a big change for a lot of you, but we are certain the change will bring you faster, and more accurate support. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Download Telegram
2. Follow @TeachersAllrightBot and click /start (the Russian version is live, the English version is due today or tomorrow)
3. Supply your tutor ID. Here’s how to find it:

That’s it! Skype and WhatsApp support channels will be closed as of March 19th, so please download Telegram either for mobile or desktop if you want to continue receiving admin support from us. Please note, the Speaking Clubs Skype chat and Group Lesson Skype chat will now be combined into 1 Telegram channel. You can ask about anything there, all in one place 💜

You can also join our Telegram teacher chat if you want to chat with some of your fellow teachers. Here is the invite link:

Furthermore, you can join our location specific channels. We use these to quickly contact groups of teacher in case of urgent situations, language specific freelance tasks available, or location specific promotions. Here are the channels:

Latin America:
Native English Speaking Countries:
The Philippines:
Other European Countries:

Happy teaching! 💜

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