Earn extra cash! Refer students and teachers to our platform

Hello everyone!

We have 3 opportunities for you to utilise our platform better, and earn a bit of extra cash.

1. Refer students to our platform

Do you know any children looking to study English, Spanish, German, or another European language online? If you refer them to our platform and they buy a lesson package from us, they get 2 free lessons, and you get $40! Alternatively, if you would like your child to study on our platform, you will get a +50% lesson bonus (ie. buy 10 lessons, get 15)

2. Refer teachers to our platform

This isn’t a new promotion, but we just wanted to remind you it’s still ongoing! If you refer a teacher to us, and they teacher 20+ lessons with us, we will add $30 to your next paycheque 🎉 Here are the current requirements for our teachers:

-Must have a TEFL and/or Bachelor’s Degree
-Must have at least a C1 in English, plus Polish, German, Italian, or Spanish language skills. We will also consider candidates who speak Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Malay or Indonesian (candidates without a second language will not be considered)
-Must have a good operating system with a minimum of 4gb RAM, and 15mbps upload and download speed

3. Rent our platform

We are currently trialling renting our platform. You can teach your own students on our platform for free for the next 4 months. Students would get access to the classroom, scheduling system, and curriculum (including homework). You can charge your students whatever you want and accept payments yourself, or let us handle accepting payments for you and transfer the money to you in your bi-weekly pay (you can still charge what you want).

Sign up for any of these 3 options here:


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Скидка 10% за подписку!

Подписывайся на рассылку: мы отправляем полезные чеклисты,
советы по воспитанию и обучению ребенка, а также секретные промокоды, например 10% за эту подписку 😉
*промокод действует только при первой оплате