Handwriting book for your students!

Dear all,

we are glad to announce that a new workbook on handwriting is available in the Library section:


This extra handout can be used alongside with the first part of the Phonics course where your students learn letters.

Every page becomes an adventure! Children love mazes! They stimulate imagination and help make learning fun. The dot-to-dot exercises will help your learners improve their motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Once they connect the dots correctly your students can reward themselves by coloring in the picture they created.

This workbook will help your learners to practice tracing and writing uppercase and lowercase letters, which is an essential first step in learning to read. Plus, the examples and illustrations will encourage them to recognize letters with which the words start. Other amusing and easy-to-follow exercises will make learning simple and fun. With a pencil or crayon, and perhaps just a bit of coaching from you, your students will practice and learn for many happy hours.

How to use Handwriting Book

  1. Follow the link in the Library: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1fEBINe5_yoclC75KjlmXxhUXqW2JsNtn
  2. Download either files with separate letters or the whole book to your computer.
  3. Conduct a lesson to your student using our Phonics course.
  4. When finishing the lesson, send additional homework, attaching a .pdf file with a letter your have just learned.
  5. Instruct the student and the parents to download the file and print it out to practice handwriting! (please make sure the parents are willing to do that, as the material is supplementary)

We deeply hope it will help you a lot! Have a great Easter holiday!

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