Curriculum Updates

Hello everyone!

Here’s what’s new with our curriculum:

🇪🇸 Spanish curriculum has launched!

You should be able to see our new Spanish lessons in our lessons library.

Currently the program will cover Preschool, Starters, and Movers, and should only taught by tutors who are registered to teach Spanish on our platform. If you aren’t registered to teach Spanish, please message the admins, and they will add this tag to your profile.

Don’t forget to finish all Spanish (or other languages) lessons with the current level.

👩🏻‍🎤 Teens Curriculum is ready to go from Starters level

In case you haven’t seen it, we now have teens courses for Starters, Movers, and Flyers level. We recommend these courses for students ages 11+ but you can also use them as review material for younger students if you believe they will benefit from it.

📖 50 phonics and reading lessons are now live

We know many of you have tried our phonics course, but did you know we have a reading course? This 20 lesson course can be found in the phonics section and is suitable for Starter or pre-Starter students.

🎶 Singing lessons are coming soon!

We are launching a new singing course for PreSchool and Starters in which students will learn popular English nursery rhymes, as well as do simple vocal exercises. This is the first course of its kind on our platform, so feedback is greatly appreciated! Like all of our curriculum, this is course can be accessed by any student studying with us at not additional charge.

Here is a rough guide of how our curriculum can be used:

And here are some “AllRight Approved” supplementary materials while we build some of our own!

Additionally, here is our schedule for free language lessons for teachers. All times are in GMT+3 (Moscow) time.

German with teacher Sasa
Zoom link:
06.05.21 @ 1:30 pm. (Moscow Time)
13.05.21 @ 1:30 pm. (Moscow Time)
20.05.21 @ 1:30 pm. (Moscow Time)
27.05.21 @ 1:30 pm. (Moscow Time)

Russian with teacher Dasha
Will return in June!

Spanish with teacher Jimmy
Zoom link:
07/05/21 @ 5pm. (Moscow Time)
14/05/21 @ 5pm. (Moscow Time)
21/05/21 @ 5pm. (Moscow Time)
28/05/21 @ 5pm. (Moscow Time)

Italian with teacher Cristina
Zoom link:
03/05/21 @ 4pm. (Moscow Time)
10/05/21 @ 4pm. (Moscow Time)
17/05/21 @ 4pm. (Moscow Time)
24/05/21 @ 4pm. (Moscow Time)
31/05/21 @ 4pm. (Moscow Time)

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