Students’ homework exercises

Let’s make a short trip to the student’s homework dashboard today.

As you know, apart from homework from the teacher, the student gets automatic homework, which is attached to every presentation.

The student can access homework both from their dashboard and from the ”Materials” menu, which is similar to the teacher’s menu:


Every homework includes 4-6 exercises linked in ‘a chain’.

For now the exercises are given as homework but we are working hard on implementing the exercises into the classroom lessons very soon!

There are several types of exercises. They can include text, pictures, audios and even videos!


Single answer

The student needs to choose one of the given variants and click on it. The answer will be checked immediately.

In case the student makes a mistake in an exercise, Charlie will offer to try again or see answers:


Multiple answer

The student needs to choose 2 or more answers which they think are correct. After that they need to click ”check” to submit their answer.



The student needs to match all the elements in two columns by clicking on them in order. After they are ready, they need to click ”check”.



This exercise is still under development, but let’s take a quick sneak peek at it. It’s going to be used mostly as a classroom activity, not homework. The student will be able to record their voice and the teacher will recieve a file with the recording in the chat.

*Note: this exercise isn’t included into homeworks or presentations yet.


In this exercise, the student writes a text into the box, the system will check grammar and spelling for the student. Sometimes the time for writing might be limited – then the student will see a timer countdown above the exercise.

*Note: this exercise isn’t included into homeworks yet.


Unfortunately, for now the teacher is unable to check the student’s homework, but we are working on adding this important feature very soon!

If you want to go through homework with the student at the lesson, you can open your ”Materials” section in another tab, choose ”Exercises” menu on the left and choose the lesson which you covered with the student previously. Share your screen and ask your student to tell you the answers while you click through the exercise yourself.

We hope you will like our interactive exercises. Feel free to give us your own ideas!

Have a nice day,


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