Minecraft Mover on air!

Dear teachers,

we are glad to announce, that Minecraft Mover is finally on air!

Everyone has been waiting for this day for soooo long, so now you are welcome to enjoy this course at your classes!

Here are some recommendations on how to use Minecraft:

  • Use 1 Minecraft lesson after each 4 lessons of the regular curriculum of the correspoding level. For example, cover Lessons 1-4 of Charlie Starter 1, and then take Minecraft Starter (MCS) Lesson 1. In this way you will finish the regular Charlie Starter 1 + Starter 2 curriculum at the same time with 15 Minecraft Starter lessons. Same with Movers. Minecraft is a perfect way to round up the student’s knowledge and revise the topics of the regular curriculum.
  • Use Minecraft course separately. For those students who have high language skills or cope well with English at school and just need to get interested into the subject, you can use Minecraft as a separate course, without the regular curriculum. Yet, you need to explain to the parents, that Minecraft Starter has only 15 lessons, while Charlie Starter 1 + Starter 2 have 60 lessons in total, so Minecraft will just give a brief outlook of some topics, but not profound knowledge.

For more details you are welcome to watch the video below:

Thank you for your attention! As always, please feel free to contact us and ask any questions 🙂
Have a nice weekend!

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