Winter Time & Reload: two new updates on our website, that you need to know about

Hi, everyone! During this week, we implemented 2 updates that we want you to know about. So here are a few words about it.

1. Reload session in the classroom

In cases when you or/and a student have some issues with audio/video during your lesson, it may be fixed by reconnection to the video server from both sides. 

From today, you will have a special button for those cases. If you have some tech troubles, you can now press this button, and after that, the page will reload on both sides (you and your student will see that).

During the lesson only you can see it, kids won’t have this button on their screen. It is very important to use, especially for trial lessons – it can help you save some lessons from tech issues without reaching out support.

Please, click on it if you’ll see some troubles. Like, when you know that student is in the classroom, but you can’t see or hear anyone in there.


2. Fixes related to the Winter Time change issue

Here is what we got:

– we found trouble in the calendar that made teachers think they have lessons in closed slots
– we wrote a little notification for all tutors over the calendar to make sure every one of them will know they need to check their slots on October 31 and beyond

All of these things are important because of the Winter Time change.

Please, note that after this date, some countries will change time zone related to UTC (and several like Russia won’t do that). Because of that, you may see changes in your work schedule.

Delete slots if you have conflicts about it; ask admins to reschedule some lessons if someone already booked the wrong slots.

Right after October 31, your regular schedule will work fine, as usual.

Hope you’ll find this post useful and will use these two things in the best way. Have a great day 🤍


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