Teaching Grammar

All the lessons in our school are based on Cambridge communicative method. This means that teaching grammar goes alongside with developing all other language skills.

Still some parents emphasize that they want a teacher to pay more attention to grammar during the lessons.

In this case I recommend using New Grammar Time course.
It has 5 levels and is suitable for levels Pre-A1B1 (towards B2).

Grammar Time Kid’s Box AllRight CEFR Cambridge ESOL
1 (download) 2 Charlie Starter 2 to A1 Starters
2 (download) 3, 4 Charlie Mover 1, 2 A1 Movers
(download) 5, 6 Charlie Flyer 1, 2 A2 Flyers, KET
4 (download) B1 PET
(download) B1+ (to B2)

Click on “download” to proceed to Google Drive.
Every level includes a .pdf file of the book + an .iso file (virtual CD-ROM) with interactive exercises.
Some levels have .mp3 and Teacher’s Books.