Charlie Preschool

Charlie Preschool is an AllRight course for students under 6 y.o.

It doesn’t involve any reading and is based mostly on speaking, listening, role-play and drawing.

It is presumed that a student can complete Charlie Preschool in approximately 20 lessons (30 min.) The number of the lessons can differ.


  • You can download Charlie Preschool (Kid’s Box Starter) Presentation Plus software here: link to Google Drive

  • If you need .pdf files and .mp3 files of Charlie Preschool (Kid’s Box Starter), please download them here: link to GoogleDrive.
  • Alternatively, you can use online Power Point presentations (only 5 units available) which include pages from the student’s book+listening:

Unit 1 — Hello!
Unit 2 — My School things
Unit 3 — My Colours
Unit 4 — My Toys
Unit 5 — My House
Unit 6 — My Body
Unit 7 — My Animals
Unit 8 — My Food