How can a teacher cancel or book a lesson himself?

From now the teachers are able to book lessons for their permanent students without contacting the administration.

A teacher can book a lesson for a student in case they have already had at least 1 paid lesson. You can book a lesson at least 24 hours in advance.

Before booking, please contact your student or your student’s parents to agree the time for booking. Do not book the lessons without agreement. In case you are not able to contact the student yourself, please ask the administration for help.

Booking a lesson:

  1. Choose a time slot (agree the time and the lesson duration 30/60 min with your student) and click on it.
  2. Choose the student from the list.
  3. Put a tick “Student confirmed lesson time”.
  4. Click “Book”.
  5. Confirm the lesson in your schedule.

The teacher is also able to cancel a lesson (only 12 hours in advance). Please agree the cancellation with your student. Do not cancel the lesson without prior agreement. If you cannot contact the student, please ask the administration for help.

Cancelling a lesson:

  1. Choose a lesson in your schedule.
  2. Choose the reason of cancellation from the list. Provide your own comment.
  3. Click “Cancel”.

You can use the combination of cancelling and booking to reschedule a lesson to another time.