Guidelines for Company Communication

Hello everyone and happy Monday!

This is a friendly reminder of the guidelines for contacting the company to get the fastest and most effective service.

DO: Ask questions in the Facebook group. There are 200 teachers there willing to help. Join here.

DO: Send queries about billing, students, and bookings to our Skype chat.

DO: Give clear details about your query to help send your ticket to the right department and solve your issue as quickly as possible.

DO: Report feedback, misprints, bugs and system outages to our team.

DON’T: Contact members of the internal staff on their personal Skype, Facebook, or WhatsApp accounts.

DON’T: Ask the same question across multiple channels. This only slows down our response time for you, and for everyone.

DON’T: Be rude to the admin team. We’ve had a lot of new additions to the admin team and everyone is still learning. Please be patient 💜

And here are your teachers of the month for August, 2020. Congrats everyone!