New Positions at All Right + Teachers of the Month (June)

Hi everyone!

We have several open freelance and full time positions at our company. Please see the details below and apply to

-We need native English voice actors for our upcoming teens curriculum, as well as for our mobile game.

-For our mobile game we need voice actors to be the voice of Charlie in our mobile app! We need these voice recordings done in Russian, and eventually English, Spanish, Polish, Italian and German.

-We still need a qualified Russian to English translator to help with freelance translation tasks.

-If you haven’t applied yet, we are still looking for some teacher bloggers to collaborate with! Fill in the form here to show your interest and we will get back to you soon.

-And last but not least our Methodology department is hiring for a part time to full time curriculum developer with knowledge of the German, Polish, French, Spanish or Italian school systems. This person should also have knowledge of the Cambridge exams and CEFR standards.

Here are the teachers of the month for June, 2020. Thanks everyone for your hard work over the summer 💜

Company Updates

Hi everyone!

We just wanted to update you about some new features on the platform as well as some other news about the company.

New “talk time” classroom feature:

We have a new feature that measures student and teacher talk time using AI. This feature will not affect your teacher rating (this is already accounted for when we observe your lessons), however we hope you will keep your student talk time at at least 60% during your lessons.

Teacher rating dashboard:

Firstly, we want to thank everyone for their patience in the past week while we worked out the kinks of the new teacher rating dashboard. Please note, although the information was not displaying correctly, it was correct in our system. Now, you should be able to see your ratings correctly on your dashboard, and make positive improvements to improve your score. We understand the rating system might be confusing for some, especially when you get into the bottom numbers. For example, if you see you are in the bottom 75% of Quality Assessment, it means you are essentially # 75 out of 100 (or # 300 out of 400 in our system) for that assessment metric.

Profile locking:

Editing rights have now been removed from all active teachers for the sake of quality control. If you would like to change or add anything to your profile, please write to detailing what you would like to update.

New phonics course:

If you haven’t seen it yet, our new phonics course is live! As stated previously, please consult with your students’ parents to see if they want their children learning phonics, as many parents are against their children learning the English alphabet before learning their own. This course material is included in the regular curriculum and is available to all paid students who want it.

Summer schedule:

You may see a reduction in classes during July, until the end of August due to many students taking their summer holidays. We hope you will have in there until things pick up again! We are expecting a huge influx of students starting from mid-August, so be prepared!

New payment method:

We have now integrated with Payoneer! Please sign up here if you would like to be paid in this way. All Right will pay the $ 3 transfer fee for those teachers who choose this payment method. Please note: due to the differences in services in fees from country to country, All Right cannot advise you on which payment option is best for you. It is up to the teacher to do their research and decide on the best option for them.

We are also hiring for a few freelance roles!

  • We need at least 1 male and 1 female (native English speakers) voice actors to do voice recordings for our upcoming teen curriculum. Please email to participate.
  • We are also looking for teacher bloggers and influencers to collaborate with for our upcoming campaign. Fill in the form here to participate!
  • We are also looking for an experienced Russian to English translator. Please write to to apply.

Happy teaching!

Blogs of teachers

Dear teachers! As we know, many of you own blogs of English teachers in different social media, which is really great! Could you please share links to your blogs with us, so that in future we will possibly be able to contact you for cooperation as with bloggers.

Blogs at Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube or even your own website will be perfect.

Please take this small survey and see you soon! 💜