5 minute delay — automatic notification!

Hello dear teacher! We have a great news for you! Allright is glad to announce that we have developed an automatic notification system for a 5-minute student delay for a lesson. If you are waiting for your student in a classroom, but he/she doesn’t come, there is no need to inform the admins immediately. The system automatically sends the student a message: «The teacher is waiting for you in the classroom. Connect please». If the student doesn’t appear within 15 minutes from the start of the lesson, write to the admins. Hope this new feature will help you! 

A small survey about Charlie

Hello dear teacher!

As you know, we have added Charlie to the classroom recently. Charlie is really cool and kids love him!

Have you already tried this new feature?

We are planning to spend lots of time developing it more and more and we need your help! Please take this small survey to help us make Charlie even better:


Thank you for your help and have a nice day!



Charlie — interactive character in the classroom

Great news! Charlie is in the classroom!

You can involve him in your dialogue with the student, use him to praise the student’s success or to encourage him to try again in case of a mistake.

Charlie can also wear different costumes — choose the one your student likes: regular Charlie, Charlie-fairy, Charlie-superhero!

  • To invite Charlie to your lesson, press the button with a paw in the top menu.
  • Choose a character you like.
  • The character will appear in the middle of your and the student’s screen saying «Hello».
  • On the right you will see additional buttons with different emotions Charlie can show: «Hello!», «Goodbye!», «Well done!», «Try again!», «Oops!». Every time you press a button, Charlie appears in the middle of the screen saying a phrase and then disappears.

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