Messaging the admins about technical issues

Hello dear teachers!

As you know, the students often experience technical issues in the classroom, especially during their trial lessons, as their system wasn’t set up properly.

In case of technical issues, the teachers get worried and message the administrators for instant help. This decision seems to be correct, but normally it is impossible to decide the issue straight away.

We suggest the following decision:

  1. If the student experiences technical troubles during the lesson, try using this guide to help them out:
  2. If nothing helps, try switching on to Skype, if possible.
  3. Do not message the administrators about technical issues.
  4. After the lesson FINISH it in your dashboard choosing the status »Technical issues» and giving as detailed description, as possible. Marking the lesson with »Technical issues» status is the most effective way to help the situation.
  5. In case the technical issues were on the student’s side, the teacher still gets the payment for the lesson, full size (acc. to the teacher’s rates).

Speaking Clubs at All Right

Dear teachers,

as you may already know, we have an option to teach Speaking Clubs.

Speaking clubs are group lessons, taught via Zoom. These lessons do not follow any certain syllabus and focus on Speaking only.

They are a good option for new teachers, as they are paid the same rate as regular paid lessons, so it’s a chance to get more paid lessons to your schedule.

More details about speaking clubs are here:

How to teach Speaking Club classes at


This month in the hard time with staying at home, we would like to offer you a chance to try yourself as a Speaking Club teacher.

If you have studied the information above and you want to give it a try, please follow here:

These are instructions for signing up:

Don’t forget to write your name and surname, your email and the topic to teach.

The lessons will be placed in your schedule manually, they won’t appear after signing up automatically, so please be patient.

In case of any questions, contact the administrator of Speaking Clubs in Skype: live:help_3813

A small notice about cancelling the lessons

Hello everyone,

We hope you are having a great weekend and we would like to ask you about one important detail concerning the new rules of cancellation, starting from April 6.

As from now the time left before the cancelled lesson matters a lot (50% deduction in case of 2-12 hrs cancellation; 100% deduction in case of 2 hrs cancellation or no-show), it is important to avoid any controversy about the time you cancelled.

In the view of this, please try to cancel the lessons manually by clicking on the lesson in your schedule. If you have electricity or internet outage, please connect to the mobile (3G/4G) internet from your smartphone, visit your dashboard at the website and cancel the lessons yourself.

In case you decide to ask the admins to do it for you, please contact them via Skype, as WhatsApp messages are sometimes delivered with delay.

Thank you,