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How does it work?

How does it work?

Lessons take place in the interactive classroom and are based on our specially developed syllabus, combining Cambridge communicative approach and Total physical response method (TPR). We don’t make children study. We make them fall in love with English.

At your free trial lesson you can

  • Get to know the teacher better
  • Get an assessment of the child's level of knowledge and further recommendations
  • Get an online learning experience

Why Allright?

  • AllRight.com
    One-on-one lessons online

    No need to waste your time to get to anywhere and to wait in traffic jams. You choose a teacher and a schedule by yourself.

  • AllRight.com
    Interesting classes

    At our lessons, we play LEGO, discuss MINECRAFT, read HARRY POTTER. We choose topics according to the child's interests.

  • AllRight.com
    Certified teachers

    All teachers have vast experience of working with children. They undergo a rigorous competitive selection.

  • AllRight.com
    Conversational practice

    All students of our school are free to attend the speaking club to practice spoken English in small groups.


Irina, son Ian

Maia is really cool and studying with her is great. She found her way to Ian and this is wonderful.


What a great teacher! My son is happy with the studies, learning lots of new words and expressions after each class! Ian always gives homework, focusi... Read More

One lesson cost

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  • EUR


Teachers with discount is a category of teachers from Russian-speaking countries with experience in teaching children


Bilingual teachers from around the world, mostly from Europe

USA and UK

Native teachers from North America and the UK with excellent pronunciation

Lesson Package Includes


A platform for learning English

An online platform created specially for kids helps the teacher to get on well with the child really fast. Games, interactive homeworks and tasks about the child's hobbies involve him into the learning process immediately.


AllRight app with Charlie

A mobile app helps to build up correct English pronunciation of your child. Artificial intelligence assesses the progress and keeps track of achievements.


speaking clubs

Group lessons with kids of the same age, which follow a special curriculum, help to create full language immersion and improve speaking skills.


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What results will the child achieve with Allright?


Сharlie Preschool

  • Counts to 10, knows colors, and can name body parts;
  • Knows more than 60 new words and phrases in English;

Сharlie Starter

Pre-A1 / Starter

  • Conducts short dialogues on familiar topics;
  • Tells shorts poems, sings songs, and understands spoken English;

Сharlie Mover

A1 / Elementary

  • Understands tales and stories based on familiar words and expressions with the help of pictures
  • Easily maintains a conversation with a foreigner by expressing their opinions and feelings in conversation
  • Knows how to fill out forms and cards using personal data

Сharlie Flyer

A2 / Pre-Intermediate

  • Shares plans and intentions for the future;
  • Confidently speaks in English, carrying on conversations about everyday topics;
  • Is able to recite poems or sing songs from the course program with the correct intonation and pronunciation;