English for children in groups

The course is available to every caring parent.
Price from $0 per lesson

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How the lessons are held


One level =
20 group lessons


25-minute lessons


Communicative Method


There are no more than
5 students
in a group


Learning together - how is it possible?

During group lesson, the child will become more sociable and quickly master spoken English. Lessons are held in a playful and friendly atmosphere.
And the cost of the lessons will please the parents!

$0 per lesson
$0 for a course of 20 lessons


It's a thousand pities!

Sorry, a group course for your age is under development

Leading to brilliant results

Improving grades in school

Preschoolers will prepare for school. And if you are already in school, we will help your child to improve their skill

Being proud of the knowledge

Only a small percentage of parents can boast that their child speaks 2 languages from an early age. But it significantly improves memory and communication skills.

Successful career in future

Your child will be able to get high scores at the exam, enroll in one of the top universities in the world and achieve success in their career