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Professional Teach kids teacher with 18 years of experience teaching English

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  • present

  • 1995 2000

    South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after Ph.D. Ushinsky

    English teacher


Working experience

  • 2000 2020

    English teacher

Certificates and diplomas

  • 2000

    специалист - ОЮУПУ им. К.Д.Ушинского

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Studying English with me, your child will never confuse the verbs run, jump, sit, fly, because when learning them, he will run, jump or "fly". Physical activity in the classroom will not only make the process of monotonous memorization fun, but will also help you learn words faster! This method is called "TPR" and is one of the most effective for learning at an early stage. I also use interactive games, bright videos and fun songs that your child will hum even after class! My pedagogical credo is “Learn English while playing! ".
  • Working experience 18 years
  • Learn from 5 to 16 years
  • Lesson from $0.5
  • Speak: english, russian native, ukrainian
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