• Experiencia laboral 3 Años
  • Enseño idiomas: inglés
  • Hablo idiomas: inglés, bosnio, español, ruso
  • Especialización: IELTS, Enseño a adultos
  • Intereses: acting singing dancing cooking hiking skiing playing
  • enseñar desde 3 años
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Acerca de mí

My teaching style is relaxed, playful, and I enjoy free talking. Also, I own a cat and she always prepares the performance of her own for my students. When I teach to adults I always bring a smile in the class, if the classes are a bit more serious I bring patience in my right pocket and an open mind in another one, with little people I like to laugh and play games (using props and TPR method). Since I play guitar I use this skill to help my students concentrate more and to make serious things more fun. I always talk slowly unless the student specifies otherwise. I also use the Natural Approach method, as an intelligent approach to classes. My hobbies are playing guitar, making jewelry, going to the gym, eating and cooking healthy food, spending time with my younger sisters and brothers. My greatest interest is teaching children and understanding how their mind works since everything starts there. I like traveling a lot and learning about cultures and new things every day, that is also the first thing I love about this job.

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    Marketing Management

Experiencia laboral
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  • 20172020

    ESL Teacher

Títulos y diplomas
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    I have gained Certificates whilst working as an English teacher during the year of 2019.