Lacramioara G.

Lacramioara G. – tuteur d'anglais pour enfants

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Professional Teach kids, Teaches teens, Matura(PL), Maturita(IT) teacher with 4 years of experience teaching English

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Formation académique

  • 2015 – 2018

    University of Bucharest

    Foreign Languages


Expérience professionnelle

  • 2018 – 2022

    Private lessons

    English Tutor

Certificats et diplômes

  • 2020

    IELTS - British Council

    Certificat confirmé
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Hello everybody! My name is Lacra. I am based in Bucharest, Romania and I have been an English tutor for 4 years. I have helped countless students, both young and mature, to master their language skills. As a tutor, my goal is to focus on the needs of each individual. In my lessons with kids, I use a lot of creative materials such as books, videos, and songs. In addition, I use toys for role-play practice and most importantly body language. I am here to guide your kid every step of the way in building a solid language foundation. Looking forward to meeting all my future students!
  • Expérience professionnelle 4 years
  • Enseignement à partir du 5 au 30 years
  • Leçon à partir de 0,5 $US
  • Je parle: roumain natif, portugais, anglais
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