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Professional Teaches teens, Teach kids, TOEFL, Eighth-grade examination (E8), High school graduation examination teacher with 2 years of experience teaching English

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  • 2021 – 2025

    Elektronski fakultet Nis

    Racunarstvo i informatika

    Osnovne studije

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  • 2022 – 2024

    Native Camp

    English tutor

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  • 2024

    TEFL - TeacherRecord

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Hi there, students! My name is Ilija, a certified TEFL Teacher. I spent more than 3 years living in San Francisco, America. I currently live in Serbia. I'm a person who enjoys interacting with others.So far i've studied two foreign languages, Italian, and most of all Serbian, all because I love to socialize. My life's mission is to never give up and to consistently achieve my goals. With that approach, I was able to accomplish a lot in both sports and academics. My interests include video games, reading, music, watching movies, and playing basketball. You might be wondering why I wrote all of this. The solution is really fairly easy. I wish to teach you native-speaker fluency in English and pass along my mindset. Since I care about my students, I take delight in assisting others in succeeding. I look forward to seeing you in the classroom.
  • ניסיון תעסוקתי 2 years
  • ללמוד מ 5 עד 14 years
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  • לדבר: אנגלית, סרבית יליד המקום
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