Marijana B.

Marijana B. – 어린이를 위한 영어 선생님

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Professional 성인 교육, Teach kids teacher with 4 years of experience teaching English

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  • 2014 – 2018

    Faculty of Philosophy, English language and literature

    graduated philologist, anglicist


  • Jan 2017 – Jun 2017

    English school 'Lingua'

    English teacher

  • Jun 2017 – today

    Online English school 'Bibo Global Opportunity'

    online English teacher

자격증 및 졸업장

  • -

  • 2010

    Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera - Cervantes

    자격 증명 완료
  • 2013

    ESOL certificiate - Cambridge

    자격 증명 완료
  • 2018

    Diploma in acquired higher education - Faculty of Philosophy

    Marijana Boskovic, born on September 7th 1995, in Vrbas, Serbia, who started studies at Faculty of philosophy in 2014/15, finished Bachelor studies at the same faculty, at the department for English language and literature, in duration of 4 years, with cumulative GPA 8,51 (eight and 51/100) on September 2nd 2018. According to the above stated, she is awarded with a diploma in acquired higher education and a title - graduated philologist.

  • 2019

    Bachelor with Honors in Phililogy - University of Novi Sad

    자격 증명 완료
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Hello and welcome! My name is Marijana. I graduated in the department for English language and literature and I also speak two other languages - Spanish and Russian. I've been recognized for my work ethics and I've developed phenomenal interpersonal, communicative and leadership skills. I like social studies and my passion is traveling around the world. I always make sure to spread positive energy since it is one of the rare things in life which multiplies when shared.
  • 경력 4 years
  • 교습 시작가 4 years
  • 수업 시작가 US$0.5
  • 언어: 영어, 스페인어, 러시아어, 세르비아어
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