Genilou C.

Genilou C. – 어린이를 위한 영어 선생님

Professional 아이엘츠 (IELTS), 성인 교육, Teach kids, Eighth-grade examination (E8), External Independent Evaluation, High school graduation examination, Cambridge Exam A1 - YLE Movers, Cambridge Exam A2 - YLE Flyers, Cambridge Exam B1 - PET for Schools, Cambridge Exam B2 - FCE for Schools, Cambridge Exam C1 - CAE, Cambridge Exam C2 - CPE teacher with 5 years of experience teaching English

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  • 2018 – 1013

    Universidad de Manila

    Abnormal Psychology

    Bs Psychology


  • 2019 – 2023


    Online English Teacher

  • 2022 – 2023

    Weblio Eikawa

    Online Teacher

자격증 및 졸업장

  • -


  • Certificate of Literacy - TESDA

  • 2022


  • 2023

    Diploma - Universidad de Manila

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Hello, dear language enthusiasts! I am Teacher Gen. I am a dedicated guide for mastering the English language, passionate about facilitating effective communication, and equipped with tips to make learning engaging. I am here to embark on an exciting language journey with all of you. About Me: As an experienced online English teacher, I bring abundant knowledge and creativity to the virtual classroom. With a background in linguistics and a love for cross-cultural connections, I strive to create a cooperative and inclusive learning environment where students of all backgrounds can thrive. Educational Philosophy: My educational philosophy is based on the belief that language learning should be fun, interactive, and tailored to the individual. I will adjust each lesson to match your unique learning style and goals, ensuring that every step of our journey is meaningful and fulfilling. What to expect: In my classes, you can expect dynamic conversations that breathe life into English, engaging activities, and a variety of multimedia resources. Whether you are a beginner taking your first steps or an advanced learner striving for fluency, I am here to provide guidance, encouragement, and constructive feedback at every stage. Key focus areas: Pronunciation: Enhancing your speaking skills to communicate clearly and confidently Grammar: Mastering the nuances of English grammar for effective expression Vocabulary: Expanding your word bank to boost your language abilities Business English: Enhancing specialized communication skills for the global market - Travel English: Equipping you with the language tools for smooth travel. - Casual Conversation: Improving conversational skills through open discussions. English for Kids: Creating a Fun and Engaging Learning Environment for Young Learners - English for Study Abroad: Preparing you to succeed academically in an English-speaking environment. TOEIC Preparation: Passing the TOEIC exam with targeted guidance English for Vocabulary: Developing a rich and diverse vocabulary to handle various contexts Beyond the Classroom: Outside of lessons, I will support your language journey. I will provide resources, practice exercises, and listening materials whenever you need them. We will celebrate your successes, tackle challenges, and move forward toward your language goals together. Let's Connect: Are you ready to embark on this exciting language adventure together? Feel free to reach out and schedule a trial lesson. Let's explore the world of English one conversation at a time! Keep shining, Teacher Gen
  • 경력 5 years
  • 교습 시작가 3 까지 35 years
  • 수업 시작가 US$0.5
  • 언어: 영어 원어민, 스페인어, 일본어, 이탈리아어
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