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English for those who do not like to study
from 4 to 12 years

Your child will easily overcome the language barrier without any stress

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Why learning a language with Minecraft is so effective?

How is the studying structured?

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What the child will receive as a result of the course:

Program according to Cambridge YLE exam standards

University of Cambrige

After completing the block of classes, the student will be ready to pass the relevant international Cambridge exam

Teachers with whom it is not boring

Great Britain
Ludy May

Our teachers have experience working with children, they know how to keep the child's attention and understand the specifics of working with young students.

Cost of lessons


8 lessons
.50 $
per lesson
  • Auto-renewal every month
  • 2 lessons per week


12 lessons
.50 $
per lesson
  • Auto-renewal every month
  • 3 lessons per week

Summer Course

24 lessons
.50 $
per lesson
  • One-time payment

Full course

72 lessons
.50 $
per lesson
  • One-time payment
8 lessons
Auto-renewal every month
12 .50 $
per lesson
12 lessons
Auto-renewal every month
11 .50 $
per lesson
Discount 12 $
24 lessons
One-time payment
10 .50 $
per lesson
Discount 48 $
72 lessons
One-time payment
9 .50 $
per lesson
Discount 216 $

We are loved and recommended by:

Vladislav and Valentine

The child (6 years old) really likes it. We attend both individual lessons and group conversation clubs (3-6 children at a time). Lessons in a fun way. Highly recommend.

Gheorghe Madalina and Gheorghe Ilinca

I am very happy with this school. My little girl had a "test" lesson, and since then every day she asks me if she has English, because she really likes it. And she is very happy with the teacher and the discounts are pleasing.

Cyril and Victoria

Good day to all. I really like English for children in your school. The child is looking forward to the lessons. We like the teacher Julia so much that I am waiting for the lesson with the child :)))

Reviews 348
Exellent 4.9

8 out of 10 students recommend us to friends

Join the thousands of kids who are already learning English with All Right

What do you get when you buy lessons?

  • Individual lessons with a teacher
  • Student progress report
  • Access to the app to reinforce words
  • Speaking Clubs for developing speaking skills
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